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One of the brightest flashlight apps!

Flashlight LED Torch Light is one of the most popular flashlight apps for smartphones. With its plenty of features and simple interface, it allows you to quickly turn a phone’s camera or screen into a flashlight. While there are many other apps with similar features, this one comes with multiple lighting modes, allowing you to use the flashlight in different settings. Moreover, the torch app launches quickly, ensuring you’re not in the dark for long or fiddling with the phone’s buttons in the absence of light.

Multiple lighting modes and clean interface!

A smartphone is a versatile device, which allows you to access a wide range of tools like Calculator, Compass, Calendar, and Flashlight. While some mobile phones come pre-installed with these utilities, others require you to install suitable apps. Flashlight LED Torch Light is perfect for the latter kind of devices.

In the past few years, torch apps have been a dying breed. However, Google brought them back with integration in Android phones, encouraging developers around the world to release different versions of torch light downloads.

Since Flashlight LED Torch Light is one of the brightest apps in this category, you don’t have to look for anything else. With multiple lighting modes and a clean interface, it lets you personalize settings with ease.

There’s also a frequency controller, which allows you to manipulate the flashlight’s speed. An SOS signal can help you send an instant message in times of an emergency. No other torch app comes with these many features and settings, making Flashlight download a great choice.

Simple interface for easy usage

Among other similar apps like Tiny Flashlight + LED, this torch app download has the simplest interface. Since it’s intuitively designed, it even works on smartphones without an LED integrated with the hardware. Simply put, you can use this torch light app to turn on the phone’s white screen to emit bright light. It serves the same purpose as the torch in the phone’s camera lens.

While the app is powerful and runs in the background, it doesn’t require much battery power. Its lightweight design ensures you don’t run out of power unnecessarily. As such, you can use the torch for several minutes without interruptions or lags.

In the absence of a phone’s LED light, this app is one of the most useful tools. In fact, it comes in handy during emergencies, such as power outages, in walks through dark alleys, and other similar situations.

Interactive features for better usage

As mentioned earlier, Flashlight LED Torch Light comes with a wide range of useful and interactive features. For instance, the strobe feature lets you have some fun with friends in a house party or while camping in the wilderness. You can also use the Morse Code and SOS transmitter in emergencies.

While this is a straightforward and simple app, it comes with plenty of features. It allows you to use the phone’s screen as an LED to produce a bright flashlight. Moreover, you can choose different color settings, making this flash light app download a great choice.

Like other flashlight apps available on the Play Store, such as Flashlight - Torch LED Light, this one also asks for internet and camera access permission. Since the app has been developed on a secure platform, most people don’t get bothered by such requests. The app doesn’t work without camera access permission, and needs it to use the camera’s lens as a torch.

Another drawback is the lack of customer support. While the development team has an active Facebook page, it’s not updated often. Moreover, it’s difficult to find the official website, making it tough to raise issues and concerns. However, since it’s a pretty basic app, you won’t really need much help or face any troubling issues.

A pretty straightforward download option!

According to most people, Flashlight LED Torch Light is one of the brightest torch apps available online. Its clean and simple interface makes the app easy to use and navigate. Moreover, the multiple lighting modes make it fun to play with the app’s settings. With plenty of features and minimum battery consumption, this flash light app is definitely an upgrade over other torch apps download. It’s an excellent choice as a torch light free download for Android.


  • One of the brightest
  • Minimum battery consumption
  • Multiple lighting modes
  • Simple and clean interface


  • Doesn’t work without camera permission
  • Not useful for mobiles with built-in torch

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User reviews about Flashlight: LED Torch Light

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    I rarely download apps to my phone because my phone's space is limited but I felt the need to download this app because I often lost my things in the  More


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